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MAYEV Mini Broom with Duspan Little Kids lowest Dallas Mall price Helper Housekeeping for

MAYEV Mini Broom with Duspan for Kids,Little Housekeeping Helper


MAYEV Mini Broom with Duspan for Kids,Little Housekeeping Helper


Product Description

Kids Mini Broom and Dustpan Set - Small Toddlers Broom for Boys and Girls, Toy Broom Cleaning Set Combo

kids broom

Why do we design this product?

My daughter is getting more and more into the 'imitate everyone' phase, and she is obsessed with trying to help sweep, but can't handle a full-size broom. She runs around following mom and dad when they sweep the floor now learning how herself.

Absolutely adorable and a great way to start early teaching cleanup skills!

  • Children love to help out their parents and this small broom and dustpan set allows your little ones to pitch in with the housework. The broom stands upright when clipped into the dustpan to make it easy to store and there are a few colors to choose from. It's also super cute.
  • Great Training Toy: The broom is not only a toy for toddlers, but also a good training tool for kids to know help their family do some housework.
  • The broom cleaning set will let your babies learn to help their parents. Kid could use the broom set to clean corner and home floor.

MAYEV Mini Broom with Duspan for Kids,Little Housekeeping Helper

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