LFPartS 100% New arrival Metal Skull 3D Emblem 2" Trailer Cover R Fits Hitch $21 LFPartS 100% Metal Skull 3D Emblem Trailer Hitch Cover Fits 2" R Automotive Exterior Accessories LFPartS 100% New arrival Metal Skull 3D Emblem 2" Trailer Cover R Fits Hitch 3D,$21,Emblem,Metal,Cover,Automotive , Exterior Accessories,/Augustinism1109722.html,Hitch,R,100%,LFPartS,bolsasdeplastico.pe,2",Skull,Fits,Trailer 3D,$21,Emblem,Metal,Cover,Automotive , Exterior Accessories,/Augustinism1109722.html,Hitch,R,100%,LFPartS,bolsasdeplastico.pe,2",Skull,Fits,Trailer $21 LFPartS 100% Metal Skull 3D Emblem Trailer Hitch Cover Fits 2" R Automotive Exterior Accessories

Ranking TOP2 LFPartS 100% New arrival Metal Skull 3D Emblem 2

LFPartS 100% Metal Skull 3D Emblem Trailer Hitch Cover Fits 2" R


LFPartS 100% Metal Skull 3D Emblem Trailer Hitch Cover Fits 2" R


Product Description

Chrome Skull Hitch Cover Black Skull With Red Eyes Chrome Star Hitch Cover Chrome Cross Bone Hitch Cover Black Cross Bone Hitch Cover
Metal Skull 3D Trailer Hitch Cover Fits 2" Receivers Metal Skull 3D Trailer Hitch Cover Texas Lone Star 3d Trailer Metal Hitch Cover Metal Skull 3D Crossbones Trailer Metal Hitch Cover Metal Skull Crossbones 3D Trailer Metal Hitch Cover
Color Chrome Black Black Red Chrome Black Chrome Black Black
Size Fits 2" Receivers Fits 2" Receivers Fits 2" Receivers Fits 2" Receivers Fits 2" Receivers

LFPartS 100% Metal Skull 3D Emblem Trailer Hitch Cover Fits 2" Receivers

Black Skull Demon Hitch Cover

  • Heavy Duty, Emblem and Hitch cover made of Steel. Matte Black emblem with a Glossy eyes.
  • Fits standard 2" trailer hitch receivers, - requires hitch pin that is NOT included.
  • Brand new, top quality.
  • The front plate size: 3.5"x3" (90mm x 76mm).

Comes with tube gasket.

Hitch cover gasket

Designed to fit 2" Receivers.

Designed to fit 2" Receivers

LFPartS 100% Metal Skull 3D Emblem Trailer Hitch Cover Fits 2" R

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