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Salomon Unisex Rs Ws Directly managed New Shipping Free Shipping store Glove Pro

Salomon Unisex Rs Pro Ws Glove


Salomon Unisex Rs Pro Ws Glove

Product description

A lightweight, close fitting, strapless racing glove, The RS Pro is windproof and along sleeve highly breathable, thanks to the Gore WINDSTOPPER lining membrane.

Un guante de carreras ligero y sin tirantes, el RS Pro es resistente al viento y a lo largo de la manga altamente transpirable, gracias a la membrana de forro Gore WINDSTOPPER.

가볍고 밀착되는 핏의 스트랩리스 레이싱 장갑인 RS Pro는 고어 윈드스토퍼 안감 멤브레인 덕분에 방풍 및 슬리브를 따라 통기성이 뛰어납니다.

Salomon Unisex Rs Pro Ws Glove

Oct 12, 2019

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Speedi-Sleeve And Tool Kit

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