Mikuni Rubber Mounting Flange - Typical Carb Japan Maker New Size 40mm KHS- 36 $18 Mikuni Rubber Mounting Flange - Typical Carb Size 36 - 40mm KHS- Automotive Motorcycle Powersports bolsasdeplastico.pe,$18,Rubber,40mm,-,Mikuni,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Typical,Carb,Mounting,Flange,/closable1109669.html,KHS-,36,-,Size bolsasdeplastico.pe,$18,Rubber,40mm,-,Mikuni,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Typical,Carb,Mounting,Flange,/closable1109669.html,KHS-,36,-,Size Mikuni Rubber Mounting Flange - Typical Carb Japan Maker New Size 40mm KHS- 36 $18 Mikuni Rubber Mounting Flange - Typical Carb Size 36 - 40mm KHS- Automotive Motorcycle Powersports

Mikuni Rubber Mounting Flange - Quality inspection Typical Carb Japan Maker New Size 40mm KHS- 36

Mikuni Rubber Mounting Flange - Typical Carb Size 36 - 40mm KHS-


Mikuni Rubber Mounting Flange - Typical Carb Size 36 - 40mm KHS-

Product description

Adapts spigot- (sleeve) mount carbs to flange-mount manifolds.
Clamp included.
8.5MM Bolt Hole - 70-75.
Carb Bore Size - 40.
Carb Spigot Dia. - 43.
Flange Throat Depth - 28.
Typical Carb Size - 36-40

Mikuni Rubber Mounting Flange - Typical Carb Size 36 - 40mm KHS-

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