JFG RACING Billet Pivot Foldable Lever Brake for San Francisco Mall Clutch CRF2 JFG,Pivot,bolsasdeplastico.pe,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,for,/intermeddlingly1109889.html,CRF2,Foldable,Billet,Clutch,RACING,$16,for,Brake,Lever $16 JFG RACING Billet Pivot Foldable Clutch Brake Lever for for CRF2 Automotive Motorcycle Powersports JFG,Pivot,bolsasdeplastico.pe,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,for,/intermeddlingly1109889.html,CRF2,Foldable,Billet,Clutch,RACING,$16,for,Brake,Lever $16 JFG RACING Billet Pivot Foldable Clutch Brake Lever for for CRF2 Automotive Motorcycle Powersports JFG RACING Billet Pivot Foldable Lever Brake for San Francisco Mall Clutch CRF2

JFG RACING Billet Pivot Foldable Lever Brake for San Francisco Kansas City Mall Mall Clutch CRF2

JFG RACING Billet Pivot Foldable Clutch Brake Lever for for CRF2


JFG RACING Billet Pivot Foldable Clutch Brake Lever for for CRF2

Product description


-100% Brand New, Never Mounted, High Quality
-Lever to fold outward to prevent breakage in the event of a crash.
-The Levers Are Made Of Durable Aluminum For Extreme Strength
-Automatic lever position restoration provides quick recovery from the crash.
-Ultra precision machine cut for super light weight construction, high precision and quality.
-Made of durable aluminum for extreme strength.
-Direct replacement for stock levers. No modification!
-Perfect anodize surface treatment
-Very Smooth Movement
-Hard anodized finish
-Easy To Install


-Color Options: Red/Blue/Black/Gold
-Material:CNC Billet T6-6061 Aluminum


CRF250R 07-18
CRF450R 07-18
-Notice: Make sure you can find your bike model and year in application please.
-You will receive exactly same as pictures.

Package Includes:
1 * Brake Lever And 1 * Clutch Lever As Pictures
Installation Instruction NOT Included

JFG RACING Billet Pivot Foldable Clutch Brake Lever for for CRF2

Photo © Nox Photography/Stocksy

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